Prayer Intercessions

Help us to maintain our prayer intercession list.

The personal and collective intercessions we make asking our Lord to intercede in our lives and on behalf of others are a central aspect of our private and common worship. At St John’s we have always made an aural reading of our prayer list a part of our regular services. However, there comes with this an important responsibility to maintain it as current and accurate. To accomplish this we are asking our community to take that personal responsibility to heart in the following way:

We ask everyone to please let us know when someone should be added, removed, or otherwise amended on our prayer list. This is accomplished best by either dropping a note in the collection plate or by emailing or calling the parish secretary at (631) 283-0549 or at

To avoid a name being orphaned on the prayer list names will be removed from the prayer list after sixty days of being added, unless the parish secretary is contacted to extend that time for another sixty days.

Of course, there is no limit to the number of persons we will faithfully include on our prayer list, nor a limit to the duration we will intercede on their behalf. This policy is to take special care in maintaining the names we bring before the Throne of Grace in prayer each time we gather together.