Seeing Stars? Visit our beautiful St. Saviour’s Chapel

St. John’s recently put the last finishing touch on our St. Saviour’s Chapel, which is the traditional Anglican name for a Corpus Christi or Presence Chapel. Thanks to a gift from Sandra Klemuk, we now have stars in the chapel sky that correspond to the stars on the rood screen in the main church nave. (Take a look—you may not have noticed them!)

During the Middle Ages church ceilings were covered in stars, conveying a sense of dwelling inside the heavenly sphere. During the Protestant Reformation, many churches were literally white washed. The stars in our chapel radiate out from the altar, reminding us that Christ is the source of all light and life.

The artist, Margaret Braun, was raised at St. Johns and graduated from Southampton High School in 2008 and attended Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. She is currently living in Houston and works as a muralist throughout the U.S.

and Caribbean.