Print the St John 2018 Pledge Card

December 2017

Dear Saint John’s Family,

As we come to the end of 2017, there is much we can reflect upon with joy and pride.
Saint John’s has witnessed our parish’s life rejuvenated and thriving. We saw the return of many of
the events, programs, and celebrations that have long been beloved and treasured parts of our lives
together. The Start of Summer Bakery and Greenhouse Bazaar reflects a reimagining of our Parish
Fair, the Art Show was revived as a tremendous success, the Lenten Suppers and programs were
delicious and thoughtful, as was the Harvest Supper. Many new events were introduced, including
the Parish Beach Picnic, Children’s formation offerings in our Children’s Liturgy of the Word,
diverse and lively adult Christian formation classes, and many new fellowship programs such as
Popcorn Theology and our travel into the city for a tour of The Met Cloisters.

Our Outreach work and funding continues to offer support and aid to many local needs as well
national and worldwide crisis and programs. St John’s continues to be a source of funding and
material support for people and organizations in and beyond Southampton.

Also, as we celebrated and enjoyed the familiar faces that make up our parish family, we have
welcomed and embrace new individuals and families who have come to make Saint John’s their
spiritual home. These new faces a growing and evolving character and identity to the parish.
As we look forward to 2018, we acknowledge that, in order to meet the challenges for the coming
year and build on the extensive progress we have mentioned above, we must call on your continued
and increasing support. We are counting on your participation in our parish life, especially given the
greater array of offerings in renewed and new programs, worship, and events. We encourage your
financial support towards the ongoing and expanding work and outreach here at Saint John’s
Episcopal Church.

Your investment for 2018 in the life, work, and outreach of St John’s is an important
acknowledgment of the blessings that God has bestowed on you through our parish church, and is a
faithful provision to provide for even greater future together.

Please prayerfully consider your response to the enclosed pledge card, and return to St John’s by
December 17.

Peace and all good things,
Fr Patrick+ and your Vestry