Print the St. John’s Pledge Card

November 2018

Dear Friends,

At Saint John’s Episcopal Church, we are striving to expand the Parish into one where God’s Love and impact on our lives leads us out into the world, transforming lives in our community, across the region, and around the globe.

These expanding ministries are profoundly relevant to us and to God’s walk with us. They empower, uplift, and befriend. They restore hope. They are joyful, creative, and engaging. They launch people on paths they never knew were possible. They serve, feed, worship, and share. As they grow our involvement and impact, these ministries are the way we Walk in Love together.

The sentence taken from Ephesians 5 which I am led to introduce as our new offertory sentence is, “Walk in Love and Christ Loved us, and gave Himself for us, an offering and Sacrifice to God.” To “Walk in Love” is, indeed, a call to action for each of us. It is a call to imitate Jesus in a way that focuses on the actions and movements of God among us … and the actions and movements of God within us. It is also a call to respond proportionally. Ask yourself:

  • If you reduced the hours you spend in entertainment by 50%, what would you do with this time, and how could it serve God?
  • If you read one more book a year, what would it be and how would the wisdom contribute to the people who surround you?
  • If you increase your pledge to Saint John’s by 10%, how much would your standard of living change each week?

Christ’s Mission calls us toward intentional generosity, and that includes financial commitments. Some members tithe, giving ten percent of their income to the church, some members give proportionally, committing a certain percentage to our ministries, while others give as they are able. What is important is that you walk in love with us and with God, beginning as you are able, to support and sustain our life of ministry in God’s Kingdom.

I invite you to intentionally and prayerfully discern the impact that the ministries at Saint John’s offer to each of us, and how you would like to see that increase, to discern your responsibility to use the gifts that God gives you of time, treasure and talent to do the work God calls you to do. Then come to Saint John’s for worship and be led by God to connect with the ways you are fed through Jesus Christ to go out and walk in love together with Christ!

Enclosed is your pledge card for our 2019 need. Between now our Ingathering Sunday on December 2nd, consider how you might increasingly imitate Jesus Christ, and walk, move, do, love, and give with greater intent.

Your commitment to our pledge campaign is an essential gift that fuels Saint John’s transformational ministries in Southampton and beyond. Walk in love with us!

Peace and all good things,

Fr Patrick+