Nurture your children’s thirst for knowledge with a hands-on educational experience in math and science this school year. Led by Professor Irene Aldridge, the club aims to teach them the concepts of math and science through fun and educational experiments. Students who attend at least 70% of all sessions receive certificates of achievement.  The club is open to the public.  

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Fall Schedule

Sept. 9        Paper Planes (aerodynamics)
Sept. 16      Wind Catcher (aerodynamics)
Sept. 23      Monster Marshmallows (air expansion with temperature)
Sept. 30      Density Tower (material density)
Oct. 7          Soap-Powered Boat (surface tension)
Oct. 14        Sturdy Bridges (compression & tension)
Oct. 21        Breathing Machine (human dynamics)

Oct. 28        Sensational Speakers (sound waves)
Nov. 4         Kaleidoscope (light waves)
Nov. 11        Dancing Paper (electric force)
Nov. 18       Lemon Battery (electricity)
Nov. 25       Fabulous Filter (layered filters)
Dec. 2          Invisible Ink (chemical reactions)
Dec. 9          Sticky Slime (viscosity and non-Newtonian liquids)
Dec. 16        Ice Art (crystal reactions)

Learning CAN be so much fun, as some of the kids participate in the activities.